Average visits per client


To figure out your average visits per client ratio, you can use the following formula:

(Total number of visits /Total number of unique clients who came in)

Where do I get these figures from?

The 'Operator Report' in 'Reporting' > 'Report List' may be the report you're after.

When the report loads, enter in the date range (for example '20/10/2019' - '22/10/2019') then click 'Show Report':


Please note that the report may take a few minutes to complete loading.

When the report finishes loading, the report will show a 'Clients (Att*)' column (for example):


In the 'Total' row (at the bottom of the report), you can divide the (Att*) (how many visits in total from your clients) by the 'Clients' (how many unique clients actually came into your outlet) to produce an average figure on client attendance.

For example 8/8 = 1 (Client average visits).

Woah! Go figure!

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