Closing your Simple Inked Account


So you're ready to close down your Simple Inked account, but you're not sure how to go ahead?

If you're going on maternity leave, going away on holiday, or just need a break from your account, you can suspend your account temporarily. Click here to learn how.

If you are looking to permanently close down your account, you're more than welcome to continue ahead.

Support & Closing your Account

If there is anything that we can do to keep you from doing so, please don't hesitate to ask. Our team is here to help you make the most of your account.

If you were unable to find a feature or you're not sure how to do something in Simple Inked you can contact our support team by clicking here

Our support team can help you make the most of your account, including helping you understand how features work, helping you find features or reports you couldn't find in your account, fixing those issues you don't quite have a handle on, or even contacting our support team to submit those great ideas and features onto our Development Team for review.

Did you know that you can retrieve all your data from Simple Inked before your account is closed? Either click on 'Reporting' > 'Report List' or 'Marketing', find the report you're after, then click 'Export' or 'Export as CSV' to download a spreadsheet.

To begin closing your account:

a) Click on 'Account' > 'Actions' and select the 'Close Account' button



b) In the right-side panel select a reason from the 'Reason' drop down


c) In the 'Comments' field feel free to provide us with some feedback on your experience with Simple Inked so we can continue to improve our services


d) Click on the 'Close Account' link then click 'OK' to proceed or 'Cancel' to stop


I've closed my account what happens now?

Now that your account has been closed, your payments are stopped, and your account is automatically closed. There's nothing more you need to do.

Of course, you're always welcome back at anytime!

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