Setting up SMS—Connect Simple Inked to SMS Global


In order to send SMS messages, you'll need to connect to an SMS Provider and purchase SMS credits.

To connect your Simple Inked account with SMS Global, go to Admin, then to SMS & Email.


In the SMS Account Setup section, drop down the SMS Provider menu and choose SMS Global.

NOTE: If you don't have SMS Global as an option, send us a support request from your Help & Support page and we will activate the SMS Global option for you.

Then, click Register.


You will be redirected to the SMS Global website where you'll need to sign up for a free SMS Global account. You can buy credits from SMS Global after you sign up, or you can do it later.

Once you have completed the SMS Global sign-up, you will have an SMS Global Username and Password. These details need to be entered into the SMS Account Setup section in your Simple Inked account.

Then click Save.


Once you have clicked Save, your Simple Inked account will be connected to your SMS Global account. If the account doesn't connect, it means that you have entered the SMS Global username and/or password incorrectly.

If you have already purchased SMS credits from your SMS Global account, your credit balance will display in the SMS Account Setup section. Come back here anytime to buy credits.

All done. Now you can go ahead and turn on your automatic message types, like your Appointment Reminders, in the 1-Touch Marketing section. Click here to see how to do that.

Setting up 2-Way Messaging

Click here to set up your 2-way messaging. This means that when a client replies to their SMS Reminder with the word Yes, the letter C (for Confirmed) will automatically display on their appointment.

If you have any questions anytime, feel free to send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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