How clients make online bookings


As a Simple Inked customer, you get your very own mini-site for online bookings.

You'll need to link customers to your online booking site, so you also get a location-based URL (meaning a tattoo studio specific URL which links people directly to your studio's online booking site) which can be added to the book online option on your website, and to your Facebook — Book Now button. You also get an embed code which can be used to embed your online booking mini-site into a page on your business website.

Whatever you choose to do with the online booking URL or embed code, when clients go to the book online option on your website or Facebook — Book Now button, the steps below will show you what it looks like for a client when they make an online booking. Clients can be on a computer, tablet or phone when they make online bookings. Your online booking mini-site is mobile responsive, which means the screen format will change to suit whatever device they are using.

Making an online booking

When the client clicks/taps your website's book online option or the Book Now button on your Facebook page, below is what they'll see (but it will display your tattoo studio name, studio details, location, operators, services, availability etc).

Your client can click/tap each option (Service, Operator, Day, Time) to specify the appointment they want. The available appointment options will display below and they can click/tap Book next to the appointment they want.


The client will then be prompted to Login or Sign Up, this is so you know who is making the booking.


Once they have signed up and logged in, the following Confirm Booking pop-up will display.

If you have Pay At Studio activated, the client will be notified in the pop-up window to pay at the studio. However, if you have Pay Upfront activated, the client will be prompted to enter their credit card details to pay for the booking in full at the next step.

NOTE: Click here to see how to activate either Pay At Studio or Pay Upfront.

The client can click/tap Confirm.


Next, the client will get the following Booking Pending pop-up.


At this point, your tattoo studio will receive an appointment alert. You will have 2 hours to accept the booking (if the booking comes in overnight or outside of business hours, you'll have 2 hours starting from the beginning of the next business hours to accept the booking).

Once you have accepted the online booking, the system will send a confirmation SMS/email to the client letting them know that the appointment has been confirmed, along with the details of their appointment.

NOTE: Click here to learn how to accept online bookings, and here to learn how to set up appointment approval SMS/email alerts.

If you have any questions anytime, please feel free to send them to us from your Help & Support page via the Submit a Request option.

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