Find a Gift Voucher with or without a VOUCHER ID


If you have a VOUCHER ID, but no details on the actual Gift Voucher, you can look it up.

Go to any client card and click the Find Gift Voucher link up on the top right corner.

On the right side panel enter in the Gift Voucher ID, click Find.

The Gift Voucher and corresponding details, including expiry and remaining value, will display on the right.

What about if you don't have the VOUCHER ID, but you want to find a Gift Voucher?

In this scenario you have to go to Reporting, then into the Report List, and select the Liability Report.

Click Show Details next to Gift Vouchers Liability. This will show you all of your Gift Voucher which are yet to be redeemed. You'll need to go through the list to find the voucher you're looking for.

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