Processing Gift Vouchers with NO ID


If you have Gift Vouchers out there, which are yet to be redeemed, that were not created in your Simple Inked account, with or without Gift Voucher ID's or numbers, then you will need to use the Gift Voucher With NO ID payment method type when the voucher comes in and is used to pay for a clients sale.

You might have vouchers out there which were sold previous to you using Simple Inked, or you might have a voucher promotion in a magazine, or you may have sent a marketing email with a voucher, either way these vouchers don't have an ID on them, which was generated by your Simple Inked account. If this is the case, then follow these simple steps to ensure that you process the vouchers correctly when they are being redeemed.

Add the client to POS, along with their services and/or products that they are using the voucher to pay for. Click Receive Payment, then in the pop up Sale Payment Details window drop down the menu and choose Gift Voucher With NO ID.

Once you have selected this payment method type, click Finish Sale.

Finish the transaction and you're all done.

If your Gift Voucher was created and sold via your Simple Inked POS, then the system would have generate a VOUCHER ID for it, which would have been written on the physical voucher when it is given to the client. That means that when the voucher returns to the studio and is being used to pay for a sale, you can choose the Gift Voucher payment method type instead, and enter in the VOUCHER ID when promoted. That way the system can track the use of the voucher and it's remaining value.

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