Dedicated Numbers in SMS Central


As you know, you can send your client's SMS's for their reminders, as well as for marketing purposes.

Would you like these SMS's to come from the same number every time? You can have you very own dedicated number, which all of your SMS's are sent from.

Note: You will be charged additional up front cost and fees by SMS Central to set up a dedicated Number. You will be able to view the different fees before deciding to purchase your dedicated number.

If you don't have a dedicated SMS number ticked, it will be sent from a pool of numbers, selected randomly.

To set up a Dedicated Number, go to your Admin Page and click on the SMS & Email tab. Login to your SMS Central Account by selecting Login, in the SMS Account Setup section.

Select the  SETTINGS tab.

 Then scroll down to Your Dedicated Numbers and click Add a Number.

You will see a list of numbers; Standard, Silver and Gold, with corresponding price options. (obviously the gold numbers are the easiest to remember and the most expensive).

Once you have selected your dedicated number (write it down) and follow the prompts to complete the transaction and pay.

Now go back to your Simple Inked account and go to your Admin page, and select the SMS & Email tab. Then enter your Dedicated Number in the SMS Account Setup section, and Save.

You're all done, your SMS's will now come from the one number, making it easier for your clients to recognise your SMS's.

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