Turning on automatic SMS & Email Reminders in Simple Inked


Once you have setup your SMS Central account and connected it to your Simple Inked as per the steps in this article, and you have purchased your SMS credits as per the steps in this article, then you are ready to turn on your automatic appointment reminders.

Enabling your automatic SMS & Email Reminders.

Time to turn on your Appointment Reminders.

Also in the  SMS & Email tab of your Admin page you'll see your 1-Touch Marketing section.

Edit your Appointment Reminder and tick SMS Enabled and/or Email Enabled. You can send out your appointment reminders via SMS and Email; or one or the other - you choose.

Enter in the number of  Days BEFORE Appointment to send message: and the system will automatically send out the reminders this number of days before the appointments.

Your  SMS Template: and Email Template: are set to the Default Templates which we have created for you.

You are more than welcome to come up with your own SMS and Email Reminder message. For info on how to do this, search the Knowledge Base for 'Creating / Editing Templates'. Then once you've created your template, come back here and select, from the  SMS Template: and Email Template: drop down menus, the template you wish to use for reminders.

Save your Automatic Appointment Reminder Details and you're done!

Important Note: One SMS is 160 characters. If you go over 160 characters, the system will automatically allow you to use more than 160 characters, however you will be charged for two SMS's. If you do not wish to go over the 160 character limit, you can un-tick the Allow Multiple SMS Messages setting in your Marketing Settings, via Settings.

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