Client barcoded Loyalty Cards


If you would like your clients to have their own unique barcoded loyalty client card, you can!

You'll will need to source your barcoded cards from an office supplies shop, as Simple Inked leaves this part up to you. Pick some barcoded cards that you like the look of, and when you've got them, you're ready to set them up in your Simple Inked account.

When you are ready to issue a client their unique barcoded loyalty client card, search for the client and into their client card you go.

Edit their Details section and on the right side panel, expand (+) the More Details section. In the Barcode/Member No. field, scan the barcode from their Loyalty Card into the Barcode/Member No. field, and Save.

Now you can use this card to scan their barcode into the Barcode/Member No: section of the Client Search. This will bring up the client in the Search Results.

Note: If you would like to see the client's Loyalty Point total, scan their Barcode into the Barcode/Member No. field of Client Search. Go to the Actions menu in their client card, and there it is... along with a bunch of other cool details.

You are now ready to set up your Loyalty Points.

For steps and ideas on how to set up your Loyalty Points, check out the Introduction To Loyalty Points article.

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