How to redeem a Gift Voucher.


Before you can redeem a Gift Voucher you need to create and sell them. Click here to learn how to create your vouchers, and click here to learn how to sell them.

Paying for services or products using a Service/Product Type Gift Voucher.

A Cash type gift voucher can be used for any service or product to the value of the voucher.

The vouchers can be redeemed over time. The whole value doesn't have to be redeemed in one sale. You can continue using the same VOUCHER ID until all remaining value and services/products have been used.

Check out your  Gift Voucher Report and your Liability Report, as these reports track all of your vouchers.

Add client to POS along with their services and products.

Click Receive Payment and choose Gift Voucher as the payment type.

Enter in the VOUCHER ID, which is written on the physical gift voucher the client has, then click Find.

Click Continue.

Then Finish Sale.

The transaction will be recorded as paid using a gift voucher.

Paying for services or products using a Service/Product Type Gift Voucher.

The same steps apply for the Service/Product Gift Voucher type. The only difference being that the voucher can only be used to redeem the service or product is it set up for i.e. Flash Gift Voucher can only be used to redeem the Flash service.

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