Managing Price updates in Simple Inked


It's a new year, or a new season, and you would like to update the prices of your products and/or services. With Simple Inked, this is really simple to do.

Using the Bulk Price Change feature you can instantly update all your prices by applying a percentage or dollar amount to increase/decrease the prices of your products and/or services.

Changing the price for PRODUCTS using the Bulk Change feature.

To do this go to your Admin page, click the Products tab and select the Brand of product you would like to amend the price for (there may be multiple products under each brand).

In the top right corner you will see the Actions menu and drop down box.

You can see that it gives you the option of doing a Bulk Price Change - makes life easier! Over on the right side panel you can make the pricing amendments. Select the Brand, Product (all or one), Change Type(either $ or % amount), and the price change you would like to apply. You can also make it applicable forRetail or Wholesale, and Save.

Note: Check out this  EXAMPLE: in the image below for a more in-depth description on $ or %.

The item price has been amended.

Changing the price for SERVICES using the Bulk Change feature.

Just say you wanted to increase or decrease the price of a service/s, the same steps would apply. Instead you would go the Services tab, then the Actions drop down menu, and select Bulk Price Change.

For services, you will notice a couple of other options - Apply To Operator Level Pricing and Apply to Future Appointments

If you have set up operators under different pricing structure, then the pricing change ($ or %) will be applied to all operators under that service. Also, if you would like to apply these price changes to all future booked appointments, you can. It is so simple to change prices for product and services!

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