How to create Categories for your Services in Simple Inked


You know that feeling you get when you tidy the house? Feels great doesn't it. We'll, it's time to tidy up your service list. Let's sort all of your services into categories.

This article provides you with detailed instructions on setting up categories for your services. This will filter down into your reports, so you can report on a specific service category. It will also make the 'making an appointment' process simpler.

Creating your service Categories.

Go to Admin, Click the Services tab, then under Categories click New. Then you can now type in your new service category (i.e Flash) over on the right hand side, and click Save.

Allocating services to their corresponding service Category.

Now that you have created a new category, we can allocate the services to their corresponding service category. Click the service category (i.e Flash), and then over in the Services for (Category), clickNew.

On the right hand side panel you can now enter the name of service that falls under this category (i.e. Flash 100). Enter in all the service details - Name, Price, Duration, Display Colour etc, and click Save.

Making appointments using your service Category.

Go to your Appointments, make an appointment and in the Select Services window you will see a category drop down menu with list of services that fall under that category.


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