Appointment Flags


Appointment flags are used to ensure that you never miss a detail again. Flags alert you to details about the clients appointment, which otherwise, might go unnoticed.

At a glance you can see if the client has arrived or if the client is no show. You can see if the client has confirmed their appointment or even if a note has been made on the appointment.

The N Flag.

To kick us off, you may have already noticed the N flag, which has mysteriously displayed itself on some appointments. The flag 'N' represents the 'Notes' which are comments written against the appointment. The flag appears automatically whenever there are comments on any appointment.

Flagging clients' appointments.

Simply go to your Appointments page and locate the appointment you wish to flag. Click the clients name on their appointment.

 A little way down on the left hand side of the client details box, click Flag As... 

 A list of flag options will appear for you to choose from:

  • Arrived (appointment will change to bright green)
  • No Show (appointment will change to red)
  • First Visit (a red F will appear in the clients appointment)
  • Requested (a red R will appear in the clients appointment)
  • Confirmed (a red C will appear in the clients appointment)
  • VIP (a red will V will appear in the clients appointment)

 Select the flag you require, a tick will appear, and you can then close the box.

 Your chosen Flag will then be applied to the clients appointment. 

You can go back and change or edit these Flags at any time.

Note: Requested can be used if the client has requested a particular operator and does not wish to be seen by anyone else.

Also for first time users of the Simple Inked System, all clients will be recognised as First Time Clients with a F appearing on their appointment. You can manually go in and un-tick the First Visit flag or just be aware that this occurs initially when you begin using the program.

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