Buying SMS Credits in SMS Central


If you have created your SMS Central account, and connected it to your Simple Inked account, as per the steps in this article, then you're ready to buy some SMS credits.

Buying SMS Credits.

Go to your SMS & Email tab in Admin, and click the Login link next to Credit: $0.00 and proceed to login to your SMS Central account.

Login, and look out for your Buy NOW button, click it.


Todays SMS menu consists of the following SMS packages ?the choice is yours. Do keep in mind that the SMS credits have an expiry of 5 months, so purchase the package which suits your business needs best.

Once you have selected your package, follow the prompts to purchase your SMS credits. When the process is complete, your SMS credits will display in the SMS & Email tab of your Admin page.

If you would now like to know how to turn on your automatic Appointment Reminders, click here. 

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