Managing User Access in Simple Inked


Need to change your password? Need to create login details for your staff? Here is everything you need to know about creating and editing your users in Simple Inked.

A user is someone who has access to your Simple Inked account with a set of login details. You can manage your user access and dictate how much of the system each user has access too.

Note: There are three user access levels: Administrator, Inked Manager, Staff. At the bottom of this article we specify what each user has access to. 

Go to your Account page and you'll see the Manage Users section.

Creating a new user:

  • Click New and fill out User Details on right side panel, and Save.

Changing the password for an existing user:

  • Click Edit and tick Change Password on right side panel. Enter in a new Password:, then re-enter it in the Confirm Password: below.

Note: Remember all capital letters and spaces in password EXACTLY.

You will need to enter in an Email: as this is the email address used in the event that you, or your staff, forget their login details and they can click the Forgot Password link on the login page to retrieve their password. The password will be email to the email address enter in here.

Note: Each user should have their own login details, and their own email address to ensure that the password is sent to the individual.

Save these user details when you're done filling them out.

Create login details for all staff. Now check out the 4 Digit PIN Quick Login article for another quick way to sign in and out of your Simple Inked account throughout the day.

What each of your users can see when they login:

USER ACCESS LEVELS: Administrator, Inked Manager & Staff.


  • Has access to everything.

Inked Managers:

  • Has access to most areas, however they don't have access to the following:
  • Global Lock Out Settings in 'Global Lock Out Settings' 
  • Quick Login settings in 'Application Settings' 
  • Enable all clients for Loyalty Points setting in 'Loyalty Points Settings' 
  • Reward All Members with Bonus Points in 'Loyalty Points Settings' 
  • Enable all clients for Online Bookings in 'Online Bookings Settings'


  • Staff do not have access to 'Admin', 'Reports', 'Account' or 'Settings'. Therefore, staff can essentially make appointments; make notes/comments on appointments and clients; process sales via POS; view the roster but not change it; and 'Submit A Request' via your 'Help & Support' page.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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