How to do a Stock Take with Simple Inked


It's that time of year again, when you have to get counting...It's Stock Take time! Simple Inked makes it so easy, so lets get started.

Go to your Reporting page and click on the Report Lists tab. Scroll down and select the Stock Report. This report gives you a list of the brands and the products you stock and a list of the quantity figures for each.

Have a look at your Remaining column. This tells you how many of each product you should have in stock right now. Print out the report, and take the print out with you around the studio. Count all the different products and mark them off on the Stock Report print out. Compare what you have on your shelves to the Remaining column (making sure you you put a note next to any that are over or under what you should have remaining in stock).

After you have counted all your current stock and marked it on your Stock Report print out, go back to the Stock Report in Simple Inked and click on any of the products that need updating. Update the quantities on the right side panel and Save.                         

Do this for all your products where the stock figure is different. And there you have it, you have done your Stock Take! Now to find out where those missing products got to.

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