Earn money from Simple Inked by referring your friends.


When you find yourself chatting away to your friends about your Simple Inked, know that you will be rewarded for your word of mouth.

Become a referrer for Simple Inked and ask your friends or clients to sign up to Simple Inked using your personalised link.

For each person who signs up with your referral code, you receive their first month's subscription.

What this means is, when your friend or client signs up for a SINGLE package you get $19, a STANDARD package you get $49 or an UNLIMITED package you get $99. NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

To get you started on the Simple Inked Referral Program, click here and fill out your email and name to get your referrer code.

Once you've got your referral code, get your friends to enter into the Referral Code field of their Online Sign Up Form.

Your referrer code is the number at the end of the http://simpleinked.refr.cc/(your code) address.


Start being rewarded today!

If you have any questions send them to us via the SUBMIT A REQUEST option in your Help & Support page.

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