Account Feature—Deposits


Simple Inked will do all the thinking for you when it comes to managing client's deposits for future appointments, services and products.

How a client pays a deposit.

When a client wants to pay a deposit amount, simply add them to POS and add their services and/or products. If the client wishes to pay a deposit for a future appointment, click the Add Items option and select Future Services.

Receive Payment and select the payment type they are using to pay for the deposit amount (i.e. $100). Enter the deposit amount, in this case 100, into the blue rectangle.

You will see the Add Another Payment Type button appear, click this and choose the On Account payment type to account for the remaining amount, which is yet to be paid.

Finish Sale and you're done. The negative account balance will be displayed in the Actions menu of their client card.

How the client pays their outstanding amount.

When the client wants to pay back the remaining amount, add the client to the sale and in the light orange strip click Add items then To Account

Enter amount on right side panel and Save.

Receive Payment, select the payment type being used to pay the remaining amount and Finish Sale like normal.

The account balance will be automatically adjusted. Again, their new balance is displayed in the Actions menu of their client card.

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