What to do at the end of each day - Advanced End Of Day Process.


Another process you need to know right away is how to do your 'End Of Day' session.

Note: After the End Of Day process has been run for the day, you should not put any other transactions through or it will mess with your figures for the next day, especially if the transactions entered are cash.

So once you have finished all your appointments and sales for the day (the client appointments for the day should now be grey on the appointments page - showing they have been finalised), you can proceed to do your End Of Day.

Enabling your Advanced End Of Day setting.

First things first, if you haven't already done so, go to your Settings, then to Cash Register Settings, scroll down and tick Enable Advanced End Of Daythen Save.

Running the End Of Day session.

Go to POS, and select Manage tab. On the bottom left click Start End of Day Process button.


Now it's a matter of going through each one of your payment methods, and checking your actual amounts against what your Simple Inked account says you should have.

Start with the Credit Card. Check your credit card slip/statement from your EFTPOS machine, and enter tis amount into the Actual amount field on the right side panel, then click Save.

Then with the Cash. Open up your cash drawer and count how much cash you have in the till (collected for the day). In this example, we should have $329.95 in the actual cash drawer). Click Enter and on the right side panel enter in the Actual amount of cash you have in the till. You can either enter the total amount to cash in the till, or use the Cash Calculator to help break it down, making it easier if you get interrupted or loose track of counting.      

When you have finished counting your cash, hit Save.

Note: If there is a difference between the total and actual figure you have entered, it will prompt you to enter a reason (Add Comment) before allowing you to continue. 

Continue this process for each of your payment methods i.e. Cheque. EFTPOS etc. A green tick will appear next to each payment method once it correctly totals.

Once you have green ticks next to each payment method, click Next.

On the right side panel enter in the Next Session Float

When you're ready, click Close Session and hit OK.

Back in the Manage tab of POS, you will see that you have your float all ready for tomorrow.

You can also see all the business that you have done that day by clicking on CLOSED: Show End-Of-Day Report.

Your End Of Day Report can also be found under your Report List tab in Reporting.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page. 

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